To anyone who suffers from neck pain….

My friend, you are stuck in a patterning of injury.

You are about to re-organize the patterning of your electro-magnetic field.

These subtle moves help finesse your healing in the deep, tender areas.

I see four directions in this healing:

  1. Brain/Mind
  2. Chemistry
  3. Broken heart
  4. Soul

Begin eating food to clean your blood…cleansing ‘mud blood’, building vitality. I recommend you stop eating animal; therefore no longer ingesting suffering. You are full of suffering that needs to be expunged. You no longer need to kill to live. This action touches all four directions.

Use these actions to turn on your healing pharmacopeia in your brain:

  • ASK: What healing action can I do today? Do some or all of these!
  • With an injured area it is vital that you work above & below it. For example, with a neck injury, above:  work into head…hippocampus, amygdala, jaw.   Below: shoulders, upper back, armpit muscles, scapula muscles, chest muscles, heart- to lighten the ‘disheartening’ of long term pain
  • Breathe healing energy into the injured area(s) daily
  • Breathe into sphenoid bone, spreading it wide,  get skilful, undulating your sphenoid with the grace of a sting ray swimming in the sea
  • Breathe into amygdala, teaching it to let go of old pain pattern & learn new healing pattern
  • Breathe with the intent to light up your brain
  • Do Brahmeri  2-3 rounds into each chakra, then into injured area. Buzz up your broken/ injured parts.  Buzzing up re-organizes your energy emissions
  • Sing into your area, light it up
  • Weed the dark thoughts from you mental garden, daily. Plant what you want growing there.
  • Ask your heart, ‘what do you want to do today?’ Then do it. If you are blanking, do Heart Loop:
    • Put your hands on heart, inhale fresh energy into heart
    • Exhale run that energy from heart, thru arms, into hands…
    • Inhale that healing energy from your warming hands into your heart. Continue ’til you feel satiated.
  • Breathe the brilliant, scintillating energy of your Spirit into:
    1. Your heart
    2. Your injured area
    3. Anywhere you want
  • Do the neck lighting up/ strengthener exercise  3 times a day
  • Lay over a roll, (see Fierce Medicine — cobra over roll shows roll position better)  to release the knots of tension & archived emotions in belly area.  Build up a couple inches of mat under torso so forehead can rest easily on floor.  Lengthen & light up back of neck
  • Do jaw glide/ lip slide daily: good for neck, jaw,  listening inside, amygdala.  Lick your lips, lol! Smoothly glide jaw side to side, going slowly when changing direction. Lower lip slides across upper lip, enjoy that sensual stimulus…reintroducing a good feeling.
  • Wrist stretches leaning on wall, do all 4 stages. Inhale into heart, exhale energy  thru arms & fingers.
  • Do shoulder shrugs: (shown in Fierce in Warrior 2, do that breath pattern) sitting by wall with a rolled up mat, up against the wall,  that goes from top of head to mid back…roll your mat up from the short end. GENTLY lengthen up back of neck as you exhale & drag shoulder blades down.  UP LEVEL: Shrugs in Horse Stance & Warrior 2 with back & head on wall.
  • Eagle arms, & Unlocking the Shoulders* …laying on back, then up against wall (with or without a roll, as explained in Shoulder Shrugs).  Up level in Horse stance & Warrior 2 with back & head up against wall. You need the support.
  • Bird Wing: sitting leaning on roll against wall.  Up level in Horse & warrior 2 on wall.


  • Camel with neck support up against the wall, thighs on wall, hands on hips, roll about 3 inches thick around a strap. Place roll at back of neck, cross strap over sternum, hold ends of strap firmly in fists on hips/sacrum. Pull on strap to support neck, allow front of throat to open, while roll keeps neck bones spacious.  Do neck lighting up/ strengthener after camel.
  • Chest opener on wall… back elbow can be straight or bent.  Inhale & relax heart muscle, exhale pull shoulder blades down,, dredging out gunk.  (pic in Fierce)
  • Eventually… as you are teaching neck to be long and strong:  from forearms & knees, wrap shoulders, pull them away from neck, barely touching top of scalp to floor, gently stretch neck long, with the lightest of pressure on head. Hold 1-2 breaths.  Repeat 3 times. Build up to a 5 breath hold…take at least a month to build up to a 5 breath hold.
  • Psoas, hip flexor, quad release: lay on bed with on 1 leg off & foot on floor. Feel for gentle stretch in Psoas etc.  A variation is to move one buttock over the edge of bed to get a different stretch. Stay & relax in this 5-8 breaths. Do each leg.
  • Skin brushing to stimulate stagnant lymph fluid
  • Listen to & breathe in your favourite music  a lot! Music lights up the brain!
  • Watch Alive Inside.
  • Support your neck
  • Relax and let go
  • Let go of your suffering
  • Start with releasing suffering a few minutes a day.
  • Get inspired! You are on quest for your own healing.

Good journey on this Medicine Road my friend.



*Unlocking Shoulders: 

Hold left arm up at a right angle, align elbow with shoulder & outside of chest fingers up & active.

  1. Inhale into left side of upper back put, right hand in left armpit, exhale draw shoulder, then shoulder blade down, flexing armpit muscle, sending elbow forward away from shoulder. This may take a few breaths as you learn to get all these moves in.
  2. Inhale into left side of upper back, put right hand on bicep, exhale draw shoulder, then shoulder blade down, gently pulling upper arm away from shoulder
  3. Inhale into left side of upper back, put right hand on left INNER elbow, exhale draw shoulder & blade down, sending arm bone forward , press elbow into hand activating chest
  4. Switch arms
  5. Both arms up, shoulder distance apart, repeat all the above moves, activating each set of the muscle you just turned on. Can do this holding a yoga block between forearms.