The Beauty Of Ceremony

The fields of Ceremony are deep and vast. I have used Ceremony to heal and connect to my own Spirit. I teach my students and Forrest Yoga teachers to bring Ceremony into their own lives.
Ceremony brings clarity about what to do next, whether it’s dealing with grief or how to craft the next chapter of life.
To sit in Ceremony is to make a conscious decision to shift into sacred space.

Forrest Yoga Now – A Montage

JoseAna — Enrichment for your Spirit

Meet us this year in our new ceremonies.  I’ve joined forces with my partner, world music pioneer Jose Calarco from Descendance Aboriginal Dance Theatre ( Forrest Yoga is now further enriched by the wisdom of ceremonial elders and master musicians of various cultures from around the planet.
One of the many treasures Jose brings, is new teachings from the Dreamtime; stories, songs, and dances, from the Earth’s oldest living culture…Aboriginal Australia. Together, Jose and I guide you deeper into the Mystery. We are enriching yoga sessions with ancient ceremonial music & magic. We use these ancient teachings and music to set and guide the intent for the yoga asana. This music seeps into places that are untouched by word.

Ceremony every day

Most people start thinking about their Spirit and head for Ceremony when they’re in trouble or dying.  Use Ceremony more often! Not just to fix what’s wrong. Then, focus on bringing in more of what you want to live with…. We’ll show you the power of bringing Ceremony into your life.

Join us on tour and check out our (soon to be released) ground breaking,  three-part yoga and Ceremony series titled Ancestral Voices on YogaU online. Jose and I are joined by indigenous song man Wapananji. We’re excited to bring this Good Medicine to you.

May we all Walk in Beauty.