As well as teaching Forrest Yoga all over the planet, I’ve had the absolute pleasure in presenting keynotes at conferences, events & educational institutions.
I tell Medicine Stories and give inspirational talks to many different audiences.
Maybe I will join you one day…
All of my talks are ‘for anyone who has a body’.
Whether you are a healer, yoga practitioner, teacher, or simply interested in living a fulfilled existence, you’ll benefit from, and enjoy these presentations.

Ignite Your Spirit with Fierce Medicine

Here, I speak on the transformative approach to self-healing. I  bring to light many of the themes in my book, Fierce Medicine including; Stalking Fear — How to move from prey to predator; Truth Speaking — Building a compassionate, but Warrior’s heart, and; Walking Free of Pain — Suffering in life is optional.

Eagles, Lice & Triggers

We have a saying in Forrest Yoga: “Never Waste a Good Trigger”. In this talk, I share with you some experiences that demonstrate how reactions to being triggered affect your outlook on the world. I interweave 3 stories that have been significant in my own life and offer tools to deal with being triggered by someone or something.

Nourish Your Spirit

We often live in a way that entraps our Spirit and confines it to a small space within our body. Experience Forrest Yoga meditation exercises, chants, and a dharma talk to create a safe space for your Spirit to live more freely and fully in your body. You will strengthen your relationship with your Spirit and walk through life as your Spirit dictates.

Stalking Fear: How to move from prey to predator

Fear stalks us all. We are all affected by fear in some way and to confidently move through life’s challenges we need to change our relationship to fear.
In this talk I share my own experiences of fear and show you how to get more fascinated with fearful situations. I give practical tools that you can use every day to begin to move from prey to predator! By stalking fear you can start to actualize your gifts of potential, rather than having a life that is dictated by fear.
This is a ‘no-nonsense’ talk, which cuts through life’s challenges. You will leave feeling more empowered and inspired.

Daily Diet for the Evolving the Spirit

This is a shorter talk that gets straight to the point! Here, I focus on some attainable and practical ways of beginning to build a connection to your own Spirit. I also show you how to maintain that connection in a fun and inspiring way.

The Beauty of Ceremony

The fields of Ceremony are deep and vast. Ceremony brings clarity about what to do next, whether it’s dealing with grief, or how to craft the next chapter of life. I use Ceremony to connect to my Spirit…

In this talk, I will share with you some of the Ceremonies that I have learned and created: Ceremonies for addressing life’s challenges and trauma’s, and importantly, Ceremonies for designing a life that makes you proud of yourself. You will discover the Beauty of inviting Ceremony into your own life. Whether you are a healer, yoga practitioner, teacher, or simply interested in living a fulfilled existence.


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