Ana Forrest is proud to be affiliated with CodyApp.

Choose from four plans from Ana on CodyApp: Romance Your Spirit, Power of Ceremony, Quest To A Warrior’s Heart or Freedom from Struggle. Three of the plans are included in the Step into Ceremony bundle.

Freedom From Struggle


5 workouts

Freedom is something we earn, not something that is handed to us. This month-long series will teach you to be free from struggle on your mat so that you can be free from struggle in life.

Romance Your Spirit


5 workouts

Connecting to your spirit is the most important love affair of your life. This Forrest Yoga practice focuses on backbends to open your physical body and free up your heart to expose the compassion, self-respect and self-worth hidden underneath.

Quest to a Warrior’s Heart


7 workouts

This 21-day quest will equip you with the tools to overcome past traumas and embark on the courageous path to healing. The goal is for you develop a Warrior’s Heart coated with patience, compassion and integrity. Every day you will blend of Forrest Yoga practices, traditional invocations and medicine songs.

Power of Ceremony


4 workouts

Ceremony is the heart and soul of Forrest Yoga, and taught me what the physical practice of yoga alone could not. I wove ceremony into Forrest Yoga over 40 years ago as a way to reassemble and reconnect with my spirit. I bring to you these offerings to help you craft your life as a masterpiece.