Welcome to my Mat2Mat channel.

I created Forrest Yoga specifically to meet the needs of people today. That includes you! I invite you to sweat out toxicity from the pollution in your life, de-stress, refresh, move deadness out, and build your aliveness.

Forrest Yoga is a fun, sweaty, sexy work-out, which gets your endorphins going. Endorphins uplift your mood and sparkle up your life. That in itself is healing!

My sessions begin with setting an intent. Each class includes deep breathing, releasing the neck, and doing abdominal poses. The hot part of class varies, depending on the apex poses (the challenging poses). My classes are sequenced to warm you up for the more advanced poses and warm you down in an intelligent way. The last few poses of class will down-regulate and deeply nourish your brain and nervous system.

Fascinate on the Mystery that is you. Move out numbness and connect to the rich spectrum of feeling. Digest and release any emotional backlog, and grow your vibrant health and strength.

Take my classes and begin feeling the benefits! I’ve created poses and Ceremonies that help heal these issues and conditions:

• Abdominal problems.
• Constipation.
• Poor assimilation of nutrients.
• Low energy.
• Depression.
• Lower back pain.
• Tension in the neck and shoulders.
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
• Headaches.
• Stress.
• Emotional backlog archived in cell tissue.
• Delusions of not being ‘enough’.
• Disconnection from Spirit and a gaping emptiness inside.

Students can sign up for a subscription to Ana’s channel for $15/month or $150/year.

The subscription gives the student access to all of Ana’s videos, including short tutorials and long workshops, and the ability to discuss the video with other students and Forrest Yoga representatives.

Students can preview all videos for free at https://mat2mat.com/channels/anaforrest.